Pediatric Dental Care

A Comprehensive Approach to Children's Health

It can be difficult for parents to decide when an issue with their child’s mouth requires a visit to the dentist versus a pediatrician, particularly if their child has suffered an injury. At Wee Care, we take an integrated approach to children’s health, allowing for consultation between our board-certified Pediatric Dentists and Pediatricians. This collaboration ensures that your child receives the most thorough care possible.

Our team approach also involves shared resources and coordination of care. For kids, this means significantly improved outcomes for mouth-related traumas and orthodontic treatments. For parents, it means shorter wait times for treatment, quicker solutions, and none of the back-and-forth so common when trying to get two providers to work together on a child’s issue.

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Have an emergency? We can usually accommodate same-day appointment requests and we accept most insurance plans. It’s never been easier to stay up on those bi-annual exams.

Helping kids flourish, from the first tooth.

Great oral health begins at birth and gathers momentum when the first teeth begin to emerge. From infant consults to the first exam and on through high school, we’re here to keep your child’s smile healthy and brilliant.

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Regular Exams

There’s nothing dull about your child’s bi-annual exam and cleaning. From the waiting room to the exam chair, our staff has tailored an experience to ensure your child is both relaxed and engaged in their oral health.

Kid gets dental exam

Cavity Care

Filling a cavity may loom large in the child’s imagination, but our pediatric specialists make cavity care quick and painless. We specialize in caring for kids and offer a variety of pain management options to keep them smiling.

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Teeth Whitening

Teens and parents alike can often benefit from teeth whitening treatment. Take-home dental bleaching provides a convenient and gradual approach to achieving a brighter, rejuvenated smile.


We’re integrated with a team of orthodontic specialists, which makes us better able to refer your child for an early intervention. Often, pre-orthodontia can shorten and ease the total orthodontic treatment course.

See Our Team of Pediatric Dentists

Our team of Medical and Oral Health Specialists ensures that your child receives holistic care as their trusted medical home.

Chris Neeley, DDS


Matt Palmer, DDS


Parent Feedback

My kids have gone to Wee Care since my 8yo was a newborn. We absolutely love their provider and have a great relationship with him and his nurse. The folks at Wee Care have always been awesome and you can tell they really care about the kids. It's a comfortable environment and we've always had the best care. It's also a bonus that the Layton location is open late for when your kiddos need care after normal hours. We've never been dissatisfied at Wee Care and I would recommend them to anyone.

—Rachele Legarra.

We’re a Lot More than “Just Teeth”

Even teeth are more than “just” teeth. Inside our mouth is often where other types of healthcare issues can present themselves. Our teeth, gums and tongues have a story to tell about our nutrition and development.

If that weren’t enough to make you appreciate oral checkups, then consider this: issues in a child’s mouth can have repercussions on everything from a child’s developing speech to an infant’s ability to suckle.

Because we’re a dental practice integrated with pediatricians and orthodontics, our care extends far beyond what’s “standard.” Integrated care means more frequent oral checks, cleanings during orthodontic checkups, earlier orthodontic consultations, and better all-around outcomes.

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Pediatric Dental Questions & Answers

We happily accept Medicaid and most dental insurance plans. Contact your insurance carrier to verify our dental office is in-network with your specific insurance coverage plan.

Yes! We love to have parents in the treatment room with their children. However, every child is different; some respond better when mom, dad, or siblings are outside the treatment area.

Based on how your child feels, your dentist may recommend staying or stepping out.

Nitrous oxide, in combination with oxygen, is very safe. Most children tolerate “silly gas” very well. It has a rapid onset and can be reversed and adjusted easily. Nitrous oxide is non-allergenic. Your child remains fully conscious, retaining all their natural reflexes.

We welcome kids with special needs and are uniquely equipped to make their visit enjoyable. Tailoring the treatment plan to suit their needs is no problem and, if needed, we’ll also enlist their Pediatrician to consult on the best way to create a positive experience.

We’re a provider-owned practice. Our owners are the same pediatricians, dentists, and orthodontists you see when visiting one of our offices. We’re proud to be a local, private practice committed to putting children first in all we do.