Orthodontics for Kids & Teens

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Keeping up with medical, dental, and orthodontic appointments can wear out even the most enthusiastic parents. Multiply all those visits by two or three kids and it can feel like a weekly errand.

Life is busy, but convenient care isn’t just a luxury for parents: it’s a proven way to ensure care happens on schedule. When you can book a dental cleaning and orthodontic checkup at the same office and on the same day, that’s a parenting win and a win for your child’s health.

It’s why we’re dedicated to crafting an integrated experience that combines state-of-the-art orthodontic services with pediatric dentists and pediatricians, all working together. Convenient, low-paid care is also why we offer Invisalign to adults as well. If you’re already bringing in your teens, it’s the perfect time to give your smile the upgrade you’ve always wanted without adding another appointment to your calendar.

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Orthodontic solutions for every need

Braces today aren’t the same medieval wire contraptions parents and grandparents may have experienced. Today’s kids (and their parents) have access to options for correcting bites and straightening smiles that look better, feel better, and take fewer visits.


There is no one-size-fits-all braces solution. That’s why every orthodontic adventure begins with a personal consultation to develop the best treatment plan.

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Invisalign is an exciting, lower-pain alternative to classic braces. This orthodontist-led treatment works to straighten many types of smiles using a progressive series of trays rather than wires.

Customized Treatment

Our collaborative approach allows us to personalize care to all patients, taking into consideration everything from special medical or developmental needs to sensitive gag reflexes and anxieties.

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Phased Orthodontic Care

Early interventions for kids under seven can shorten treatment times and improve overall results. With an early intervention we can take steps while the baby teeth are in place to set your child on an easier path for later treatment.

Meet Our Team of Orthodontists

With Medical, Dental, and Orthodontic specialists working together, we’re your child’s one-stop medical home.

Casey Brewer, DMD, MSD


Parent Feedback

I love wee care Pediatrics we’ve gone to them for 21 years and they never disappoint! The appointments are so quick and ALL the doctors are amazing so it makes it hard to choose one so I just use wee care pediatrics as my kids Dr! My kids always feel so comfortable there! Not to mention they have amazing 24/7 service so you’re not paying for an emergency room if you don’t need it! Plus you can get a same day appointment usually! All together a wonderful Dr office 10/10 would recommend to anyone!!

—Rachelle Mcfarland.

It’s about more than good looks

Aligning a bite and straightening a smile are more than just cosmetic concerns. These interventions allow your child to enjoy a lifetime of confident smiles and good oral health.

Without crowded, misaligned teeth, common dental issues like jaw pain, bite pain, cavities, and gum infections are all less frequent. Great orthodontic care now typically means fewer dental visits later.

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Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends kids see an orthodontist by age seven—even if there are no known problems. For some kids, an early intervention can save months or years of treatment time later. Our consultations are free.

There is no one perfect age. Treatment needs are different for everyone—and that’s especially true for kids and their changing, growing mouths. Our goal is to provide the most right treatment at the right time, but it’s never too late to straighten a smile. We highly recommend early consultations (even if it’s not time to treat yet) to save time and cost later.

The local cost in Utah for braces is between $5000-$6000 for typical treatment, which takes around 24 months. Most insurance plans offer a maximum lifetime orthodontic benefit per child. That benefit often covers 30-50% of the cost of treatment, but it can be less, depending on the plan.

Yes, we are happy to offer interest-free payment options for the duration of your child’s treatment plan. For a $5500 treatment over 24 months, with 50% insurance coverage, this would equate to about $115 per month.

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