Expert Pediatric Care for Your Growing Child

You may be busy, but you’re no less interested in prioritizing your child’s healthcare. Our all-pediatric team includes specialists in pediatric medical, dental, orthodontic care, working together for your child. This integrated approach isn’t just better for your child’s wellness, it’s more convenient for you.

Healthcare Built for Your Lifestyle

We know you’re busy—we’re parents, too. That’s why we offer tools like access to nurses via patient portal, help by phone, extended appointment hours, telehealth visits, and more.

Locations that Feel Like Home

Each of our offices offers easy access, a bright and welcoming feel. With our upcoming expansion projects, we’re sure to remain a convenient option—no matter where your growing family calls home.

Integration Delivers Better Healthcare

When your child’s Pediatric specialists can work together as a cohesive team, it isn’t just the parents who benefit. Our ability to consult with one another has helped our providers spot, diagnose, and treat problems more quickly than in a traditional single-specialty setting.
Smiling family talks with their pediatrician

Well-Rounded Care Designed for Happy, Healthy Kids

Collaborative teamwork among Pediatrics healthcare specialists brings benefits not only to parents but also enhances our ability to swiftly identify, diagnose, and treat issues compared to a conventional single-specialty environment.

Pediatric Medical

From the day you bring your newborn home to the day your teen leaves for college, your child will have specialized medical needs that differ from adults. Our team of board-certified pediatricians and pediatric specialists is passionate about delivering evidence-based care for your child’s unique needs.

Pediatric Dental Care

When your child’s dentist and pediatrician are on the same team, you can experience earlier interventions and better communication. Both of those equate to a faster diagnosis, more rapid treatment, and shorter path from problem to resolution.

Orthodontic Care

On-site orthodontic treatment isn’t just a convenience for parents with more than one child; it provides seamless, early access to interventions. Evidence shows that in many cases, early intervention can shorten orthodontic treatment times. That spells less pain and anxiety—for both kids and parents.

Multiple Weber County and Davis County Locations

In addition to our comprehensive pediatric offices in Layton, Syracuse, Kaysville and Roy, we’re expanding to incorporate conveniently located dental and orthodontic offices. Our first full-service office is located in Layton, near the Layton Hills Mall. We’re committed to this integrated approach to children’s health because we know it works for both kids and parents. Watch for us to bring more dental and orthodontic locations online in the coming months.

Layton Pediatric Office

2084 N 1700 W Suite A
Layton, UT 84041

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Kaysville Pediatric Office

2025 W 200 N Suite 2
Kaysville, UT 84037

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Syracuse Pediatric Office

1792 W 1700 S #102
Syracuse, UT 84075

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Schedule Your Appointment

We leave room in our schedule for same-day visits so that sick kids can be seen quickly. We also make it easy to schedule your child’s all-important well-checks with booking options available by phone and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

We accept most insurance plans. You can learn more here, and also check your specific plan by calling us at 801.773.8644.  We offer a prompt-pay discount for self-pay families. Our billing department looks forward to answering your questions 801.773.8644. To schedule an appointment call 801.773.8644.

Most of our providers are currently accepting patients, though some may have full practices. To select a provider before making your first appointment, visit our Providers page. You can filter the providers by location and specialty. If you need any help, we’re happy to help you find a great provider. Just call 801.773.8644.

After you have delivered your baby, please let the nurse know you have selected Wee Care Pediatrics for your child’s medical care. A representative from Wee Care will visit your hospital room, establish your newborn as a patient, schedule that important newborn well check, and provide you with any paperwork you will need.

If you have delivered at a hospital outside of our area, simply call 801.773.8644 , and our friendly phone representative can assist you in establishing care and scheduling that first appointment.

Our healthcare providers all specialize in children’s health. Within pediatrics, we have three major specialties: medical, dental, and orthodontia. Having these three specialties in-house doesn’t just make us a unique medical home for your children—it delivers better healthcare for kids and exceptional convenience for parents.

Whether you’re bringing your three-day old baby or your three-year old toddler, many things are the same about a first appointment. Our welcoming staff will show you into one of our fun and colorful, themed exam rooms and your provider will spend time getting to know you and your child. First-time visits come with extra paperwork, but it can all be completed online ahead of your visit. You can also print it and bring it with you. Your provider will take a full health history and he or she may have other screening forms they’d like for you to complete.