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Summer Safety Tips

School is out and it is time for SUMMER! Children love the summer months, mostly because there is no school, but also because they provide the perfect opportunity to spend lots of time outside. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, biking, boating, or camping there is something for everyone, no matter how young or old. We want…
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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Make With Your Kids

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions and goals helps to reflect on our actions during the past year. When we are making these resolutions, we’re embarking on a journey to better ourselves and our situation. As parents, we have a wonderful opportunity and responsibility to help our children to be the best they can be…
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5 Ways to Pack a Healthier Lunch

Packing lunches for your back-to-schoolers is no easy task. At Wee Care Pediatrics,your Davis County pediatrician, we know that packing a lunch takes time and planning. Plus, every parent knows that just because you pack it, doesn’t guarantee your kids will actually eat it. However, this doesn’t mean you have to fill your kids’ lunchboxes…
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Announcing Our New Kaysville Utah Location

Wee Care Pediatrics is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Kaysville, Utah. Our new office is located at 2025 W 200 N, Suite 2. The Kaysville, UT, pediatric center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. We welcome you to our new office for routine check-ups, prenatal consultations,…
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Announcing Our New Roy Utah Location

Wee Care Pediatrics in Utah is pleased to announce the opening of a new location in Roy, UT. Our new office includes the same Roy team you love in a bright new fun clinic located at 5682 South 3500 West. Also, please note that with the opening of this new Roy location, we are closing…
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Obesity: So what’s the problem?

The childhood obesity epidemic first came to the forefront of medicine’s radar following the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III (NHANES) of 1994. It was noted at that time that the percentage of children whose Body Mass Index (BMI) was greater than 85% but less than 95%, the definition of being overweight, and more…
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2016 Flu Clinics

Wee Care Pediatrics is offering flu clinics this October. The dates and locations are: Thursday, October 20 – Midland – 4040 South Midland Drive Roy – 9a-5p Friday, October 21 – Layton – 2084 N. 1700 W. Layton – 9a-5p Saturday, October 22 –Layton – 2084 N. 1700 W. Layton – 10a-6p Friday, October 28…
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Back To School

After months of vacation, staying up late, playing night games, or attending soccer camp, kids are in for a big adjustment as they wake up for their first day of school. For this reason, back to school time is about more than school shopping, homework, and getting used to a new schedule. It’s about helping…
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Help your child overcome dry itchy skin this winter!

Winter is here. Snow-capped mountains, glistening white trees and children with rosy cheeks, kissed by the cold, brighten our days. We put on our snow tires, start making crockpots, break out the fleece sweaters and put up our holiday decorations. For most us winter is time to savor, however, some of us groan as our…
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