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Wee Care is a premier comprehensive pediatric practice. Our unique approach allows us to manage your child’s overall well-being, encompassing medical, dental, and orthodontic care. This integrated service minimizes hassle and anxiety for parents and promotes superior health outcomes for our young patients. To request a first-time appointment, call us at 801-773-8644.

Established Patient Families

Need to schedule a well-check or same-day sick visit? We’re here to help! If you are an existing patient you can request an appointment via our:

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(801) 773-8644

Monday-Friday: 7am – 12am
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After Hours

We don’t schedule appointments during this time, but our on-call staff is here to help with medical concerns and questions.

Appointment scheduling is not for treating emergency conditions.
If your child needs urgent medical attention, go to your nearest emergency room or call 911.