Pediatric Therapy Services

Mental Health is Part of Healthcare

Did you know that pediatricians receive an additional two years of medical training after becoming a physician? Kids’ bodies, minds and growth mean they don’t simply have smaller versions of adult bodies.

Because kids are also on a lightning-fast developmental trajectory, they need a physician who understands what to look for, when to intervene, and when to wait. It’s all part of helping kids grow up healthy, happy, and strong.

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Mental Health is the fastest-growing need in children’s health

We’re here to help, with individual counseling, group counseling, behavioral therapy, and more.

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Anxiety is one of the most common mental health struggles kids and teens face. Happily, there are a lot of strategies for working through and overcoming various kinds of anxiety.

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For parents, depression is one of the most difficult things to watch a child battle. Working closely with your child’s pediatrician, we can identify the right blend of resources, interventions, and even medications.

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Attention disorders can make everyday life more challenging for both kids and parents. Counseling can arm kids with new tools and strategies that help—with or without prescribed medication.

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Classes & Group Therapy

Individualized therapy and counseling is just one of an array of tools for helping kids and teens. Group classes are valuable for helping kids, tweens, and teens learn from one another’s experiences and feel less alone in their challenges.

See Our Team of Pediatric Therapists

With Medical, Counseling, and Oral Health Specialists, we are your child’s comprehensive medical home.

Parent Feedback

My kids have gone to Wee Care since my 8yo was a newborn. We absolutely love their provider and have a great relationship with him and his nurse. The folks at Wee Care have always been awesome and you can tell they really care about the kids. It's a comfortable environment and we've always had the best care. It's also a bonus that the Layton location is open late for when your kiddos need care after normal hours. We've never been dissatisfied at Wee Care and I would recommend them to anyone.

—Rachele Legarra.

More Than Counseling

Not only do we offer in-house counseling resources, we can help manage and monitor your child’s medications more closely than when counseling and medical care happen in isolation.

Our counselors work with in-house Pediatricians and Mental Health Nurse Practitioners to offer integrated care that produces healthier, happier kids and parents.

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Pediatric Therapy Questions & Answers

Our therapists see patients referred to them by a Families First pediatric provider. There may be a waitlist, but our therapy practices are open.

Our therapists accept most commercial insurance plans. However, we are currently not contracted with Medicaid or Managed Medicaid. Please verify your child’s mental health coverage with your insurance carrier. You are responsible for knowing your plan’s mental health benefits and coverage.

Our current wait time for scheduling new patients is around 12 weeks. We are working diligently to bring on additional pediatric therapists to shorten the waiting period for all patients in need of mental health services.

Our mental health therapists work alongside our other pediatric specialists to help manage medications. Our therapists don’t prescribe medications, but one of our Pediatric providers or our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners may.

Yes, the therapist conducting your intake assessment will typically be the therapist your child then sees for each visit.