Utah Pediatricians: Keeping Kids Healthy and Happy

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Are you looking for quality and compassionate healthcare for your child? If you seek a Utah pediatrician, look no further than Wee Care Pediatrics. Your child will benefit from the excellent care and skills of an entire team of qualified medical professionals.

Comprehensive Pediatric Care Services for Every Need

Wee Care Pediatrics provides comprehensive pediatric care to children from birth through college. Your child will benefit from receiving consistent care throughout their formative years from a team of professionals that know and understand his or her medical history.

Well Care

  • Check-ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Developmental screenings
  • Physicals for school, sports, camps, and more
  • Growth concerns such as obesity or short stature
  • Long-term care of chronic conditions like diabetes and heart issues

Illness and Injury

  • Colds and flu
  • Fevers, rashes, and earaches
  • Sinus problems and allergies
  • Breathing disorders
  • Bumps, bruises, and cuts
  • Sports injuries
  • Bone breaks and casting
  • Burns and other skin complaints
  • On-site Xrays in Layton

Behavioral and Developmental Concerns

  • Learning difficulties such as ADHD
  • Depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders
  • Development delay and autism evaluations and treatment

Receiving all levels of care in one place ensures that the healthcare provider has a full and accurate picture of your child’s health and temperament. This also allows for your child’s optimal comfort by getting treated in a familiar place.

About Wee Care Pediatrics in Utah

Find the best pediatrician in Utah at Wee Care Pediatrics. We have four convenient locations to serve you and your family. Visit our offices in Layton, Roy, Kaysville, or Syracuse. All offices welcome both appointments and walk-ins. Layton is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so you can always get access to the care your child needs, even if it’s a holiday or weekend.

Knowledgeable Pediatrician Team

Each Utah pediatric location is staffed with a highly knowledgeable and caring medical team consisting of pediatricians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. Every member of the staff is dedicated to putting your child’s needs first. You will find attentive and friendly medical care from a team that has years of experience.

Building Relationships

Outstanding medical services combined with a genuine effort to get to know both you and your child make this practice one of the best. The team at Wee Care Pediatrics understands that building an ongoing relationship of trust and comfort will make visits easier for your child. Getting to know each patient on a personal level also provides valuable insight into the health and happiness of your child.

Preventative and Emergency Pediatric Care

Give your child every advantage so they can grow up healthy, safe, and strong. Preventative care through routine check-ups, as well as emergency visits for injury or illness, is an essential part of helping your child to thrive both physically and mentally.

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Wee Care Pediatrics

Wee Care Pediatrics

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